STORYTELLING (leggi in italiano)

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Students from Italy, Ireland , Estonia, Turkey, Norway and Portugal write together one story


The creator of everything had planted a small tree in a wonderful garden with flowers different in colour, scent and form, , deciding that it would grow after a long time but only if it would be cured and watered with love from "special" children.

That tree would have had many branches and on everyone of it, in place of the flowers or fruits, would grow some hearts: hearts of italian, irish, portuguese, norwegian and turkish children.

One day....


One day
as the children were looking after the tree the creator of everything came to the garden. The Italian and Norwegian children were watering the tree and the Turkish and Portuguese children were pruning it. The creator of everything was pleased to see such love for his tree. He wondered where the Irish children were. He found them deep in thought. He noticed they were watching a group of children playing outside the fence. The creator of everything walked over and invited them in. They were Estonian children and they helped look after the tree. And now the circle of friends was complete with Norwegian, Irish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish and Estonian children all working together.


But .....

After a few days they weren’t so happy. All of the children wanted to do everything so they would be the best in the creator’s eye. Often the children started arguing about their job. Who must watering the tree, who must dig over, who must prune the tree.At last they were fighting about everything. And one day the hearts started to fall down. The children noticed it and told it to the creator of everything. They all were worried about the tree. They wanted to know why there aren’t much hearts anymore. The creature of everything was worried too. He thought that maybe the tree must to do that. But next day the tree was smaller than yesterday and it had only three hearts left. The creator of everything was disappointed. He was really angry. The children said that they gave their best to look after the tree.

At the same night…


At the same night after children fell asleep,the creator of everything decided to observe them next day to see what’s happening.He did it whole next day as he couldn’t believe what he saw.There was a big chaos,some of children were again watering the tree after others already did it and they were doing same thing for pruning too. At the end of the day,the tree was exhausted by being watered and pruned six times in a day,more it was very upset with children’s argument so it was getting smaller and loosing the hearts on her branches.There was a single heart left. It was weeping as the creator of everything could hear it only.He had realized everything.

NOW.......... Now the creator made up his mind that this one last heart must be saved. He had a plan. He gathered all the children from the six countries, Italy, Ireland, Estonia, Turkey, Norway and Portugal together for a meeting. He asked them to sit down and think about why the tree had lost nearly all its hearts. Was it not watered? Was it not pruned? Was it not cared for? After much discussion the children realised that each child had been doing everything every day! Each had been trying to prove to the creator that he or she was the very best. They wanted the creator's praise more than anything else. They had been selfish- only thinking of themselves and not of the tree. There was no plan and no cooperation. Everybody had done everything. They found out that it had been too much of everything and that they nearly killed the tree with their care. Now they needed a plan.....

But…. didn’t we have a plan? Didn’t we follow up what the creator of everything told us to do?_ asked all children at the same time-.
The Creator of everything looked tenderly at those twelve pure eyes: the brown eyes of Portuguese, Italian and Turkish children and the blu eyes of Estonian Irish and Norwegian children were covered with tears, he observed all the six beautiful and sad faces and understood…
“But we shared! We have been here every day. We watered the tree every day. We pruned the tree every day. We..shouted all children.
So, the Creator of Everything explained.-yes, you did it every day. I know. But you have to learn what sharing means..
“can you teach us? Asked one of the children.
“No, it is not possible to teach someone how to share. Sharing is something that we lear by ourselves. No one can teach you how to share.Only you can learn it..if you really want..
The children understood the meaning of those words and since that day on, they started looking at each other in a different way. They all started looking at each others as if they were all very different indeed but

“yes of course you had a plan. Yes, of course you all did what I told you to do. But each of you wanted so much to take care of the tree that you forgot that tasks must be shares,-said the Creator of Everything.

That they had a very similar or even equal heart. That there is no need that everybody does the same things for a common purpose but that everybody must do his part.
Since that day on the hearts starts growing, becoming stronger, becoming sweater, becoming happier and….
They all lived happily together and...for ever..